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C.I.S. private detective and investigation agency
in Kharkov city and Kharkov region

Private detective agency "Central Investigation Service" (CIS), have personal filiation in Kharkov city and Kharkov region. Our personal detectives and investigators can provide to our clients all kinds of our investigative and other services in any villiages, towns and cities in this region:

Kharkov , Harkov, Harkiv, Balakleya, Barvinkovo, Bliznyuki, Bohodukhiv, Bohodukhov, Bogodukhiv, Bogodukhov, Kharkov , Borova, Borovaya, Valky, Valki, Vovchansk, Volchansk,Dvorichna, Dvurechnaya, Derhachi, Degachi, Derkachi,Zachepilovka, Zmiyiv, Kharkov , Zmiyov, Zmiev, Zolochiv, Zolochev, Izyum, Kharkov , Izum, Krasnokutsk, Krasniy kut, Kegichovka, Kolomak, Krasnograd, Chuhuyiv, Chuguyev, Chuguev, Kharkov , Balakliya,Balakleya, Barvinkove, Barvenkovo, Krasnohrad, Krasnograd, Lozova, Lozovaya, Lyubotyn, Lubotin, Merefa, Pechenegi, Pervoimaisk, Pervoimaiskiy, Kharkov , Sahnovschina

Private detective agency "Central Investigation Service" (CIS) offer in Kharkov region all kinds of investigative and other services: background checks, collection information (basic and complex), surveillance, search lovers and boyfriends, peoples and property search.

We provide various kinds of checks- data check, adress check,home phone check, documents check, work place check, auto transport check, real estate check, previous marriages check, check girls who want to merry outside Ukraine.

We proposed to our clients and not investigative services: security consulting, legal advice and translation services.

Private detective agency "Central Investigation Service" (CIS) is really one of the best detective agency in Kharkov region and in Ukraine in general. Our agency start work in 2001 year, and we have more then 9 year experience of detective work. All our investigators is ex-officers of Ukrainian Criminal Police, which have juridical education, and minimum 5 years experiens of police work ...

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Our private detective agency, is the leader on investigation market in Kharkov and Ukraine in general. And our investigators can help to you in any case, and in any city of Ukraine.

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