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FAQ Private detective agency in Ukraine


1/ Why do we need the private detectives and private investigators in Ukraine, if there exist Criminal Police, Court, Public Prosecutor?

Yes, they exist and fulfill the incumbent duties of State control and Justice, but state detectives and investigators of Ukraine are not authorized, for example, verify the devotion of married couple, clarify what fiance or fiance are doing being not together. Criminal Police will not search for the addresses and telephone numbers of the old friends or relatives, it will not clarify reliability and reputation of business partners as Criminal Police and Court are called up to keep observance of justice, lawfulness and maintenance in Ukraine, and not to preserve morality and personal relations of the citizens. Such problems can be solved exactly by private detectives and investigators.

2/ What is the geography of the functioning of our detective and investigation agency, in what regions of Ukraine and Ukraine do we realize our detective and investigating activity?

Ukraine Detective Agency realizes its detective and investigating activity on the whole territory of Ukraine and Ukraine region, irrespective of the region we are ready to help any person referred to our agency in our office which located in Ukraine region. This does not influence the price of the service - price policy is equal in any corner of our country. We have the subdivisions in different parts of Ukraine and Crimea, despite the other agencies.

3/ How much does the service of the private detective and private investigator cost in Ukraine?

We have fixed the nominal value of every kind of detective or investigation service, which we render, but exact value is possible to be determined only when the person referred to our agency states his case. After this, we are able to define the complexity of fulfilling the errand, we will elaborate the plan of actions, we will appoint the official on this case, we will define what technical devices and gadgets will be used in the course of the case and other questions. In many cases we allow a discount on the nominal value – firstly for our patrons, and also for large order (batched job, complex orders), and in some other situations.

4/ How is made the payment for the private detective and investigation service?

Entries for payment can be found on our site in the section “Payment”. Our detective agency does not work under the scheme “payment for service of private detective and private investigator only after acquiring the result”. We do not undertake those obligatory expenses that have to be paid by clients, such as fuel for vehicles and amortization of technical devices, fare, payment for lodging and feeding of our officials while fulfilling the errand and other necessary expenses. None of the businessmen having self-esteem will spend money in vain – when you are taking plane or train, firstly it is necessary to buy a ticket for its overall value, and then you are provided with service. Nobody allows to use their service on credit. We also are not exception. At the beginning of our activity we came across the situations when the client refused to pay, as having received the result of our work client declared it as not wanted. That is why we had to assume the appropriate measures - refuse to work on prepayment.

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